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UWORK was founded in 2014 to provide completely reliable solutions for foreign exchange brokers and traders to handle confidential information in an organized manner At the beginning of its establishment, it aims to provide solutions for start-ups and mature brokerage companies. At present, UWORK has served more than 300 foreign exchange brokers / fund management service providers from the world's best, and has won unanimous praise UWORK grows together with global high-quality customers and establishes good cooperation and trust

One stop foreign exchange broker solution

We know the value of our customers' time. Our deployment process lasted 48 hours. After we receive your necessary information, we can immediately configure the brand and highly reliable brokerage platform. With the smooth deployment of MT / CRM, we can ensure the security and integrity of your data at the same time. Back broker is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

MT4 / MT5 white label solution

One stop MT white label solution to help brokers quickly build their own brand trading platform; Yes, now you and your customers can use MT's PC / mobile application. Full response solution on any device. Your customers and IB can log in to MT from any mobile device. Whether it's IOS or Android. The application is compatible with both.

Forex CRM/PAMM/MAM solution

Now you and your customers can use the PC / mobile browser of foreign exchange CRM / pamm / mam. Full response solution on any device. Your customers and IB can log in to the CRM user center with your brand through a browser or application from any device.

Overseas regulatory license solutions

Having a business license issued by a formal financial institution will help you more easily obtain and enhance customers' trust and love for your platform; Let your agent's voice disappear when you carry out IB activities.

UWORK Salient Features Of Forex CRM

Although an effective CRM strategy should cover all activities, it also relies on working software that can automatically, track and coordinate communication with customers.


PAMM Asset management distribution system

PAMM Percentage distribution management mode refers to a financial management account for clients. Investors and account fund managers distribute profits according to the agreed proportion. Investors can use the wisdom and rich trading experience of the pamm account manager to put money into the pamm account, and the account manager can trade on behalf of them with a centralized management interface. The account manager takes part of the transaction income as management compensation. The pamm asset management system independently developed by uwork has changed the traditional trusteeship mode and made the operation of investors more convenient; The pamm management system highly integrated in uwork Forex has more stable operation and simple and convenient operation, so that users can truly achieve one click investment and trust and enjoy benefits.

Role Management

MAM Multi account management system

MAM is a multi account management software, which can help professional traders realize the overall management of multiple accounts. Mam accounts can add an unlimited number of transaction accounts, and the distribution mode can be distributed according to percentage / fixed proportion / asset proportion. Mam account orders can be completed in batch, and multiple management accounts can be allocated instantaneously, or all orders can be completed, which is specially set for fund managers. The mam multi account management system independently developed by uwork supports forward documentary / reverse documentary / balance proportion documentary / net value proportion documentary / percentage documentary and other documentary methods, which are flexible and adjustable; The mam multi account management system, which is highly integrated in uwork Forex, runs more stably and operates simply and conveniently, allowing users to truly achieve one click investment custody and enjoy benefits.

Role Management

Multi tier agent system

UWORK Support multi-level agent mode, and set agent promotion links to expand lower level agent business Built in (point difference rebate / transaction fee rebate / transaction number rebate) and other agent rebate systems.

Role Management

Role management

It is very important to manage the system team based on the operation hierarchy. This feature allows administrators to assign employees the necessary permissions (according to their work roles) so that they can manage their work effectively. If you are an administrator, you can easily provide internal access to dedicated employees through cloudforex, the best Forex CRM customer provider.

Role Management

Dynamic Report

This may be one of the best features of cloud Forex CRM system. With this function, you can track the monthly, quarterly and annual records of customers. Some important analyses covered by this function include e-wallet transaction, withdrawal, deposit, IB, etc.

Dynamic Reports

Customer Service

Uwork CRM integrates online customer service system, so that your employees can serve customers more conveniently and quickly. Of course, you can also use third-party customer service plug-ins in CRM. This feature is available free of charge.

Ticketing Support System

MT4 / MT5 Integrates

We have created the best foreign exchange CRM to simplify the transaction and customer management system. With MT4 and MT5 integration on this transaction CRM, you can effectively manage the entire software application.

MT4MT5 Integration

Real time notification

Because the UWORK CRM platform is directly connected to traders' rooms, you can receive real-time notifications of customer activities. This means that you will be immediately notified of any action taken by the customer on this CRM for forex brokers.

Real-Time Notification

Electronic wallet

For each customer, there is a unique E-wallet. The E-wallet is seen as a bridge between funds and transactions. Our e-wallet can effectively manage various transactions, such as transactions from MT4 to e-wallet, and vice versa, internal e-wallet transactions, IB Commission and E-wallet.


Payment Gateway

UWORK Forex CRM Various reliable payment gateways have been arranged to ensure secure transactions. Because we use different payment gateways in this transaction CRM, customers can easily choose the best payment method according to their convenience.

Payment Gateway

More than 300 brokerage companies around the world chose us

Available mobile apps are displayed here

For the convenience of mobile users, UWORK CRM responsibly maintains traders' conference room solutions. Using traders' meeting room functions on mobile devices through our mobile application is very easy and flexible.

Supports Both Platforms
Support two platforms

Deploy your own broker mobile application on IOS and Android platforms

Robust Account Management
Powerful account management

Active traders can modify trading orders through smartphones


Download general and IB reports in Excel or CSV format

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One-Click Payment
One click payment

Smooth use of other payment gateways integrated with CRM system


The transaction room mobile application supports multiple languages

Infinite colors
Manageable IB account

Easily share your recommended links or codes with any of your social media accounts

Third party integration

For your customers, you can enhance their experience by seamlessly integrating with third-party tools and payment gateways

MT4 Integration
MT4 integration

Integrated with MT4 foreign exchange platform, traders can view the trading tools provided by each broker

MT5 Integration
MT5 integration

Now, meta trader 5 trading platform can be integrated with CRM software more quickly

Payment Gateways
Payment Gateway

Integrated payment can help reduce the pressure of manual accounting and make it easier for companies to manage finance only in CRM system

Global customers' comments on uwork

When choosing uwork one-stop building, you need to know that you are working with the most trusted company MT4 / MT5 / CRM is the core of your business activities and can build your company

Small business brokerage with uwork

Our clients range from start - ups to mature foreign exchange companies We provide brokerage solutions for foreign exchange businesses of all sizes

Since its establishment in 2017

Located in Saint Vincent

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Since its establishment in 2018

Located in Mumbai and London

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Common query

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Because we respect the data privacy of the client data, we never host any database on the server. It is always hosted on the client's server. However, since the core application has our exclusive rights, we host it on the server. Therefore, ideally, we should never share source code.

The minimum period to continue uwork subscription is 1 month, because we only accept payment on a monthly basis. If you want to stop production after 1 month, you need to inform us two weeks in advance.

We signed a document called the EULA, which protects the rights and obligations of both parties.

As our company is constantly committed to new updates, we will provide any new features included in the product free of charge.

We have a list of prerequisites for the different components required to integrate uwork with your trading platform and website. Once we have all this information, it will take about 5 working days to integrate the system.

At present, we have integrated five languages other than English. If you need to integrate any other language, as long as you provide translation, we will complete it for you free.

Leave your contact information and we will contact you within 2 working days

Looking for a strong builder?

We seamlessly integrate any third-party API and our system into any platform, and of course deploy it to your own server to achieve a more secure effect.

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